A violent confrontation between infiltrators from Eritrea broke out this afternoon in the south Tel Aviv old bus station compound.

A bus window was smashed during the confrontation as a result of stone-throwing. Massive police forces from the Tel Aviv District who are in the area are handling the incident to restore order.

Police arrested two people involved in the violent clashes.

In the past few days, videos of brutal fights have been circulated on social networks as part of a civil war between supporters of the regime in Eritrea and its opponents.

One local reporter uploaded a video from his car, documenting mass Eritrean movement in Tel Aviv's streets: "Riots in Neve Sha'anan: Dozens of Eritreans armed with clubs and rocks... It's insane what's happening here... Folks, this is crazy... What's the name of this street? Yad Harutzim - look, they all have rocks... There's going to be a lynch here... There's going to be a lynch, they're going to start throwing at us..."

Education Minister Naftali Bennett also published documentation of a violent quarrel in the streets of Tel Aviv and called on the Prime Minister to act to remove the infiltrators from Israel.

"In the heart of Tel Aviv there is a civil war between supporters of the regime in Eritrea and its opponents. It hardly appears in the media. The responsibility is on us, the government of Israel. If we don't act quickly, it will end with the loss of Israelis' lives. We put on the table an effective and proven solution: Hulot Facility + Infiltrators Law + Overrule Clause. I call on the Prime Minister to act. Immediately," Bennett wrote on Twitter.