Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Giuliani Reuters

Former New York mayor and Trump associate Rudy Giuliani took part in the Globes' Capital Market Conference' in Tel Aviv Tuesday.

Prior to the conference, Giuliani stated that US President Donald Trump is the "best friend Israel has ever had."

"I used to think that only Presidents Reagan and Bush Jr. were good for Israel, Obama was not a good friend and Clinton was fine, but Trump makes decisions that no one before him had the courage to accept. America decided by law to order the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem, and that never happened, and all Trump's predecessors made promises and did not commit them," Giuliani added.

He said that Trump's relations with the Palestinian Authority are different today compared to past presidents. "It's not that the president is not interested in seeing them living in peace and prosperity, but he believes that the first and most important step must be taken by them. They have to stop terror. They have to stop training people to kill and stop killing Christians and Jews. How can one make peace with an authority that wants to become a state that sponsors terrorism?"

Giuliani plans to visit the US Embassy in Jerusalem in the coming days. "I will see all our happy employees there, and I will sit down for dinner with our ambassador, David Friedman, who is a close friend."

He testified that President Trump was surprised and delighted that the Arab response to the transefer of the embassy was not as violent as critics said it would be. "It was a difficult decision to accept. If you look at the period before the decision and in retrospect it is a wise decision and that is why Trump is a great leader. I wish I were present at the embassy opening event."