Rozbuzov in Moscow
Rozbuzov in Moscow Spokesman

MK Yoel Razvozov (Yesh Atid), who is today taking part in a Moscow conference on the development of parliamentarism, responded to claims against him by the parliament chairmen of Qatar and Indonesia.

The two attacked Israel at the opening of the conference, against the background of the security conflict and tension between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

The Qatari chairman accused the "Zionist occupier" of "illegal actions against the Palestinians" and violating international law, and blamed Gaza residents' situation on Israel. The Indonesian parliamentarian called on the 80 countries and 500 members of various parliaments attending to "support the Palestinians against Israel's crimes," as he put it.

Israeli parliamentary delegation head MK Razvozov slammed the statements made by the two men, saying that for years Gaza vicinity residents have lived as hostages of a terrorist organization, an organization that does not stop firing rockets and bombs at Israeli communities, digging tunnels to kidnap soldiers and murder civilians, and creating new methods of terror.

"You're hypocrites. There's no such thing as good terror. Hamas is trying to murder citizens of Israel - and you, even here at the conference, are defending it. There are thousands of children, residents of the Gaza perimeter, who don't know any other reality. Reality without alarms and constant fear for their lives. The IDF doesn't carry out any military action without Hamas first attacking.

"Israel has the right to defend itself. We expect the international community and you, members of parliaments from around the world, to denounce and condemn the Palestinian terrorist organizations, headed by Hamas, and to take every possible means to stop them from their murderous activities," said Razvozov.