Order from chaos
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I was introspecting: The incendiary kites are a reminder of the most important questions of all: Where did we come from? Where are we going?

In the 1950s, chemists Stanley Miller and legendary science experimenter Harold Yuri at the University of California, San Diego, tried to answer these questions. The bold experiment failed, but throughout the world they were praised their efforts, and the experiment became known as the Miller-Yuri experiment. On top of that, I learned a lot from Dan Brown.

The two scientists tried to recreate conditions that existed at the beginning of the Earth's days - a hot planet covered by a stormy and lifeless ocean of boiling chemicals. The primordial soup. After reconstructing the chemical composition found in the ancient oceans and in the early atmosphere - water, methane, ammonia, and hydrogen - Miller and Yuri warmed the mixture to simulate conditions in the boiling liquor. Later, electric currents were transferred to simulate the effect of lightning. Finally they let the mixture cool down just as the oceans cooled on Earth. They wanted to ignite the spark of life out of the lifeless, ancient sea. To imitate "creation", using science alone. Without G-d.

Their attempts to create "life" from inanimate matter failed. But in 2007, fifty years after the experiment, the forgotten test tubes were rediscovered and scientists analyzed the samples using much more sensitive techniques, such as liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, and then amino acids and complex compounds were discovered. The building blocks of the RNA were identified. Foundations of DNA. But everything in the end was a stew of messy chemicals. No life. No spontaneous chemical reaction. No moment of creation. Unless a factor called Entropy enters the equation.

When we understand that life is an incredibly efficient tool for energy dispersion, an operating system of the universe with a single command: Disperse energy! This is the purpose of the entire system of life on Earth. Increasing entropy in the primordial soup will result in the system building a structure to disperse its energy. This structure is DNA. A nucleotide chain was constructed from the amino acids. A basic protein chain. Then one of the nucleotide chains began to wrap around itself and curl into a spiral. The little spiral became a twin spiral, creating the double helix of the most famous chemical compound on Earth: DNA.

The origin of man is not from the monkey, but rather from science, originating from the primordial soup. We came from nowhere - and everywhere. We are the product of the laws of physics. We are the product of entropy. Life is what the universe creates and replicates to disperse energy.

So, then, can the laws of physics alone create life? Yes. If the laws of physics are strong enough to create life ... Who created the laws?! G-d gave the order to the system. The order to disperse energy in the most efficient way, using the laws of life. So it is in the physical world, and so we must say, it also is in the moral and spiritual world. We are imprinted with the image of G-d. The soul that is in us, the human conscience, is the inner law that lives in us, translated into a systematic human conscience at the revelation at Sinai, the giving of the Torah, and the formulation of the moral code of human existence.

So what of the incendiary kites? They remind us of where we came from. We come from a reality of chaos, and we are designed to reflect G-d, bringing order into chaos. Physical order and moral order. Kite burners are the representatives of chaos in the world. The advanced fields and culture that the Jewish people have been building for thousands of years, and with the establishment of the Jewish State for seventy years, is a culture of order. Moral order and scientific order. With a world combining Torah and science. That is, a civilization of chaos, fighting a civilization of moral order.

And where are we going? We are heading towards the Seventh Kingdom. This kingdom of species that are not alive. This is the realm of technology. We are witnessing the Cambrian technology explosion. New species of technology are born every day and develop at a dizzying pace, and we are the creators of the Seventh Kingdom. The technology bubble swallows the human bubble at a dizzying pace. It is a process of forced endo-symbiosis. That is, the fusion of the technological realm with man. We are becoming a hybrid species - a fusion of biology and technology. New technologies like cybernetics, synthetic intelligence, kryonics, molecular engineering, and virtual reality make us new people.

And what about the kites? The incendiary kites remind us that the more we progress, we become a new species, a machine-man, and we can still be defeated by very simple technology and systematic brainwashing that turns the old and new enemies of the human race into a new species into deadly machines of hatred and murder that proclaim jihad to the whole world. In other words, we are fighting machines of hatred, spitting fire, digging tunnels, flooding us all with a demographic deluge and determined to bring the whole world back into chaos controlled by one religion whose sole purpose is conquest and domination of the ego and all human and inhuman resources.

We now understand the other message of incendiary kites. The technological future that we became addicted to, absorbed in, requires us to create within it a stable divine revelation, a stable morality, which is in fact the supreme moral code, the Torah of Israel. If we do not, we may be like them, becoming the kite-burners of the future.

We may become a man-machine that the Seventh Kingdom will use, as the mainstream media uses us, as tycoons and giant corporations use us, and the world will become a matrix that will swallow the human in us. Therefore, without Torah and without G-d, we and the kite-launchers are in hell together. When we meet G-d with the conscience of the Torah, the commandments, the soul that benefits all, we and all humanity with us will live in Heaven, together.

Translated by Mordechai Sones