Investigative journalist Laura Loomer filmed a report on the situation in southern Israel from a kindergarten that actually came under attack just three weeks later.

Gaza Muslims fired a barrage of 28 mortar shells at southern Israel this morning, with area residents awakening to sirens at 7:00 a.m. They reported hearing explosions and were asked to remain in protected spaces.

"Imagine being a child & having 15 seconds to run for your life on the Gaza border after Hamas terrorists less than 1 mile away fire a rocket into your home on Israel’s side of the border," Loomer tweeted.

"I’m on the Gaza Strip, & this is the reality many innocent Jewish people face everyday."

Loomer broadcast the video from a playground to illustrate its juxtaposition with a bomb shelter. Running from the swing to the echoing bomb-shelter chamber, Loomer suggests to "imagine if your child had 15 seconds to run for their life before getting killed by Hamas terrorists."

"When I made this video when I was in Israel 3 weeks ago, leftist Israeli reporters laughed at me.

"This AM, this same kibbutz & this same playground & an Israeli kindergarten on the
Gaza Strip were attacked w/ Hamas rockets."

Loomer, who has remained undaunted by criticism of her coverage by those who disagree with her politics, was equally blunt regarding her accurate prediction in this case: "I have a habit of reporting the truth before others."