PA flags at anti-embassy demonstration
PA flags at anti-embassy demonstration Joint List spokesperson

Several dozen Arabs demonstrated against the opening of the new American embassy in Jerusalem Monday.

The demonstration turned violent, resulting in the arrest of 14 demonstrators.

According to police, the demonstration had received approval well in advance. The approval came with certain conditions. including the presence of a police patrol and the restriction of demonstrators to a specific location. "This is in order to allow the public freedom of expression and protest alongside maintaining the public order, dignity and well-being of all the demonstrators, residents of the area and visitors," the police said.

During the protest, demonstrators began to wave Palestinian Authority flags, to shout nationalist slogans and, according to the police, "to provoke a deliberate provocation."

A number of demonstrators clashed with police officers. 14 demonstrators were arrested following the clashes.

The demonstration continued following the arrests

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