Torture (illustration)
Torture (illustration) iStock

The ‘Ad Kan’ Organization has uncovered that one of the speakers invited to the recent J Street conference is Nassar Nawaja, a coordinator of the ‘B’tselem’ Organization who spoke in his role as a ‘human rights activist.’ He discussed Israeli policy in Area C and received much applause from the crowd. However, it seems that the J Street organizers either did not know or did not care that the very same Nassar Nawaja has been recorded giving over the names of PA Arabs who dared to sell land to their Jewish neighbors. These Arabs were later tortured and even murdered.

An investigative report aired on the ‘Uvda’ television program exposed that Nassar Nawaja and Ezra Nawi were recorded handing over several Arab land sellers to the Palestinian Authority security forces, who later murdered them.

Recently, the organization filed a petition to the Supreme Court against Nawaja and other leftist activists demanding that they be indicted in light of the evidence against them. “The evidence suggests that they have perpetrated serious security offenses including involvement in kidnapping and the harming of Israeli citizens,” explains the petition.

Gilad Ach, Director of ‘Ad Kan,’ commented, “It seems that the anti-Israel Agenda of J Street has led it astray. A man who has been recorded handing over Palestinians to harsh torture and even murder for the crime of merely doing business with Jews, is somehow invited to speak as a ‘human rights activist’ worthy of recognition. Hypocrisy and lies were heard throughout every minute of the J Street conference. I call on J Street to apologize to the Israelis and Palestinians who have suffered at the brutal hands of the Palestinian Authority, terror organizations, and their enablers.”