Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Nafatli Bennett addressed the Arutz Sheva Salute to Jerusalem Conference at the King David Hotel Tuesday evening.

Bennett addressed US President Donald Trump's upcoming decision on the fate of the Iran nuclear deal in a few hours,

He said that it was likely Trump would withdraw from the agreement. "The question is how powerful will the follow-up sanctions be?"

"The Iranian nuclear machine requires fuel. Fuel is money. And Iran's economy is not looking good," Bennett said. "All of this is a result of the fact that Iran is taking all its resources from its people and sending it on adventures far abroad."

"This is not what the Persian people want. The Persian people want to lead good lives."

He said that the US and the international community must impose sanctions on Iran that force Iran to choose between having a nuclear program and an economy.

He praised Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's decision to reveal the capture of over 100,000 documents from Iran's nuclear archive last week. "I fully back Prime Minister Netanyahu on every single action he's taken vis-a-vis Iran in Syria".