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Britain’s Ambassador to the United States, Sir Kim Darroch, said on Sunday that Britain still hopes to convince President Donald Trump not to leave the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

“We think it's a good deal. It's not a perfect deal, no deal ever is perfect, and the president is rightly concerned about Iran's regional activities, which are malign and damaging to security and stability. And he doesn't like the fact that missiles aren't covered. He's not happy about the sunset clauses, he thinks the inspections regime should be tougher. On those issues, we have ideas we think that we can--we can find some language, produce some action that meets the president's concerns,” Darroch told CBS News in an interview.

“We have been talking at senior official level to the administration with our French and German colleagues for several weeks now. We think we're making progress. We haven't got there yet. We have a few days left to see if we can find a way through,” he added.

Darroch also noted that his government “has said that as long as Iran is in compliance with the deal and wants to stick with it that will be our position as well. So we're looking at options for maintaining the deal should-- which we hope they won't-- should the U.S. administration choose to withdraw.”

Trump has imposed a May 12 deadline to reimpose sanctions on Iran unless the flaws in the existing agreement are fixed.

The interview with the British Ambassador came as British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrived in Washington on Sunday to urge Trump not to scrap the nuclear deal with Iran.

The meeting between Johnson and Trump comes several days after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed information gathered from Iran’s nuclear weapons program, proving that the Tehran regime had lied about its efforts to acquire atomic weapons.

Trump praised Netanyahu’s speech, saying it "sends the right message" on Iran's nuclear program, but refused to say whether he would withdraw from the nuclear deal.

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