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In two weeks' time, the ceremony to transfer the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, will take place, following President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as such.

A high-level delegation from the United States is expected to attend the ceremony, and President Trump has recently revealed there is still a chance he will also come to Israel to attend the ceremony.

However, Arutz Sheva has learned that Knesset Members will not be invited to the festive ceremony that will be held in the Jerusalem consulate that will now become an embassy.

This was made known in the course of conversations held by Arutz Sheva staff with American officials prior to the Arutz Sheva/Young Israel conference headed by Dr. Joe Frager at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem a week before the official ceremony.

The reason for the decision to ban MKs is unclear, but it is possible to estimate the US is concerned about provocations of various kinds, both political and otherwise, such as the selfie photograph by MK Oren Hazan with the US president during his last visit to Israel, which led to ministers being barred from future official ceremonies.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court justices Noam Solberg, Yosef Elron, and George Kara decided to reject the petition filed by attorney Shahar Ben Meir and the petition filed by the Ir Amim association and 20 residents of the Arnona neighborhood, filed with the aim of delaying the embassy transfer to Jerusalem.

In both petitions the justices were asked to disqualify as illegal the order waiving planning procedures for the US embassy transfer to Jerusalem. In practice, the order relates to two issues: Constructing a defensive wall around the new embassy compound, and paving a road for an escape route.

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In his ruling, Justice Solberg noted, "I accept the position of the petitioners that using authority under section 266(b) should be reserved for exceptional situations only, and that the Finance Minister must be meticulous and ensure that all conditions set out in the regulation are fulfilled before signing the exemption order. Our case comes within the framework of those exceptional situations, and the conditions established by the legislature are fulfilled."

Judge Solberg emphasized the Supreme Court is unauthorized to determine a matter of "national importance," and therefore there is no reason to dispute the Finance Minister's decision on the subject. "With regard to defining a political event as an event of national importance, the position of this court from time immemorial has been that such political matters devolve to government authority, and are not a matter for judicial review.

"There is no need for great expertise to see the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem is of great diplomatic and political importance for the State of Israel, so there is no justification to call into question the Finance Minister's decision that the event should be viewed as an enterprise of national importance."