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Roi Or, brother of Ela Or who was one of 10 students killed in the flash flood disaster in Nahal Tzafit last week, on Wednesday urged the public not to judge Yuval Kahan, the director of the Bnei Tzion pre-military academy in Tel Aviv, who is suspected of causing death by negligence.

Kahan announced his resignation earlier on Wednesday, two days after being released to house arrest for five days.

“You cannot judge him. I love him because I know he is a moral person. If he comes here, he'll get a hug and a kiss from me just like everyone else who came here did," Or told Hadashot TV.

“The head of the pre-military academy has a heart of gold, he is a good person, a commander in the reserves. He established many generations of people who serve in the army today, who work for the benefit of the people of Israel and for the unity of the people of Israel and for the love of Israel. I do not know him personally, but the stories I heard about him are amazing – he is a warm and loving person,” the brother continued.

"We do not want such a tragedy to happen again. I admit that over this past week I have been less connected to the media - when you sit shiva there is no television. There is only the family, the pain of my parents and brothers. We are a strong family, I am not dealing with anything related to the investigations. The police commissioner visited us, and we trust him and the professionals to do their job," Or added.

“This is a terrible tragedy. As a brother who lost his younger sister I do not point accusing fingers at anyone. Anyone who came here this week saw a loving, embracing family that wants to perpetuate the memory of Ela Or because that's what she left behind - it's her unwritten will," he concluded.