Airstrike in Syria
Airstrike in Syria iStock

Israel appears to be preparing for war with the Islamic Republic of Iran, US officials told NBC News.

"On the list of the potentials for most likely live hostility around the world, the battle between Israel and Iran in Syria is at the top of the list right now," one of the senior officials told NBC News.

According to the officials, the latest explosions at Syrian military bases were the latest sign that Israel and Iran are moving closer to an all-out war.

Approximately 200 missiles were destroyed and dozens of Iranian soldiers were reportedly killed in the explosions which rocked Syrian military facilities in and around Hama and Aleppo Sunday night. Iran has denied that any of its forces were killed in the explosions.

According to the US officials, Israeli F-15 fighter jets struck the base near Hama after Iran delivered weapons to the base, where Iran's 47th Brigade is stationed. The weapons included surface-to-air missiles.

Israeli leaders have voiced concerns about the growing Iranian military presence in Syria. Over the last week, Israeli military leaders have met with their US counterparts to discuss the Iranian military build-up in Syria.

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis informed Congress last week that he believes that a military confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria is becoming increasing likely.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have been high in recent months. In February, an Iranian drone armed with explosives infiltrated Israel.

The drone, which entered Israeli airspace from Syria, remained in Israel for 1.5 minutes before the IAF shot it down.

Responding to the infiltration, Israel attacked the drone's command center. During the IAF operation, Syrian surface-to-air missiles downed an Israeli F-16I fighter jet.

Last night, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed that Israeli intelligence operatives had discovered a hidden archive of materials related to Iran's nuclear program and had smuggled over 100,000 documents from the archive from Tehran to Israel.

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