Flooding near Dead Sea
Flooding near Dead SeaMaor Kinsbursky/Flash90

A day after flash floods in Nahal Tzafit west of the Dead Sea killed 10 Israeli teens during a school hike, police units in southern Israel continue to search areas that have been hit by flash floods.

An abandoned truck washed away by flood waters was found next to Ein Tamar in the Arava, south of the Dead Sea. Police searched the surrounding area and located a body, but say the body was not the driver of the abandoned truck. The remains have been transferred for examination and identification.

Authorities believe the body is the tenth victim of Thursday’s flash flood in Nahal Tzafit. Of the 25 students hiking in Nahal Tzafit when the flood hit, 15 were rescued and nine declared dead Thursday, while the 25th student remained missing.

Police units in the area are still searching for the missing truck driver.

Following Thursday’s disastrous flash flood in Nahal Tzafit, police have urged the public to avoid traveling in areas of southern Israel with an elevated flood risk, including the valleys of the Judean Desert, Arava, and Dead Sea areas.

Route 90 near the Dead Sea has been closed to traffic as a result of the flooding, as has Route 40 near Mitzpeh Ramon, and Route 25 in the vicinity of Dimonah.