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Ella Or, 18, was identified as one of the victims of the flash flood in Nahal Tzafit Thursday.

Ella, a resident of Ma'ale Adumim, was one of nine students from a pre-military preparatory school who were killed when they were struck by the floodwaters while hiking in the Judean Desert west of the Dead Sea. Eight girls and one boy were killed.

Four of the victim's names have been released so far: Ella Or, Shani Shamir from Shoham, Tzur Alfi from Mazkeret Batya near Rehovot, and Yael Sadan from Jerusalem.

Ella was a student at the Amit girls school in Ma'ale Adumim. Her mother, Sarit Angel Or, is the principal of the Nofei Haselah elementary school in Ma'aleh Adumim.

The Ma'ale Adummim municipality said, "The city is hurt, stunned, grieving, and embraces the family and shares in their sorrow. The Ma'aleh Adumim municipality and the faculty of the Amit girls school are prepared to help the classmates whose friend was killed in the disaster in Nahal Tzafit."

The Or family released a statement saying that Ella "was the little girl of our family, the last in the chain. The most beautiful flower, the most charming and sweet smile. She was always caring, always hugging, always optimistic. This energetic girl full of life and joy was prematurely taken from us in the place she loved the most."

The Amit school stated in response to the disaster: "We are shocked at the passing of our beloved student Ella Or in this terrible disaster. Ella was a charming girl with big dreams, a virtuous student who loved her friends and teachers."

Ella's principal, Brenda Horowitz, said that "Ella was one of our best students. She was a girl with a big heart who was always ready to help and do something for someone else. Ella combined the love of the land and the love of Israel with great faith."

"The unity of the Jewish people was very important to Ella. That is why she went to the mechina (pre-military preparatory school) where students from all parts of society come to learn together. We are all hurting and wish to embrace the wonderful family at this difficult time."

This evening, the school staff and the municipality's education department held a discussion with Ella's friends to help them cope with this tragedy.