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Four people are dead and several more wounded after a gunman opened fire on a restaurant in a predawn shooting Sunday morning outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Local authorities launched a manhunt for 29-year-old Travis Reinking, who is believed to be the shooter.

“Murder warrants are now being drafted against Travis Reinking,” police tweeted.

Nashville police said Reinking had fled the scene naked, and asked locals to report any sightings of a naked man walking the streets to authorities.

"If you see a nude guy walking around this morning call the police department," Metro Nashville Police Department’s Don Aaron told WTVF.

Police said Reinking shot and killed two people outside of a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee at around 3:25 a.m. Sunday morning, before entering the restaurant and shooting additional victims.

Three people died at the scene of the shooting, while a fourth was declared dead at the scene.

A heroic patron at the Waffle House confronted Reinking during the shooting, and managed to take Reinking’s AR-15 rifle away.

"A patron wrestled away the gunman's rifle. He was nude and fled on foot,” police said in a statement.

“The shots had stopped so he decided to rush the gunman, actually wrestled that assault rifle away, tossed it over the counter and, at that point, the gunman fled,” Aaron said.

After losing his rifle, Reinking fled the scene.