Terror tunnel infiltrating Israel destroyed
Terror tunnel infiltrating Israel destroyed צילום: דו"צ

Over the weekend, IDF forces thwarted another terror tunnel that penetrated into Israel, it was cleared this morning for publication.

IDF Spokesperson Brigadier General Ronen Manelis said that this is the fifth tunnel that has been thwarted in Israel recently. The tunnel was foiled in the Jabaliya area.

The tunnel began several kilometers inside the Gaza Strip and was part of an entire network of tunnels inside the strip.

The army says that the entire tunnel system is to be completely thwarted by the end of the year.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office said that the tunnel was in the area where rioters near the Gaza border had been in recent days. Sources said this morning that the riots were apparently intended to distract the IDF from infiltration attempts via tunnels.

מנהרת הטרור שהושמדה באזור ג'בליה