Gaza riots
Gaza riots Flash 90

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman asked the Attorney General to investigate suspicions of incitement to disobey IDF orders against controversial leftist NGO B'Tselem.

Liberman sent the request following the organization's call to IDF commanders and soldiers to refuse to fire at rioters taking part in violent marches near the Gaza fence over the weekend.

Liberman Flash 90

In his letter to the Attorney General, the Defense Minister wrote: "I view with great severity attempts to instill fear and disunity among IDF fighters and commanders, while the IDF protects Israel's southern border from sabotage and provocations organized by Hamas.

"IDF commanders and fighters conduct themselves in a moral and legal manner even in the most complex situations. Attempts to subvert the military establishment and instruct soldiers to act differently are very serious," Liberman added.

Targeting IDF soldiers at Gaza border
Targeting IDF soldiers at Gaza border Flash 90

In light of this, the Defense Minister wrote the Attorney General: "I request you immediately investigate B'Tselem's call to IDF soldiers and commanders. In particular, I want to examine whether this breach constitutes a criminal offense under Section 110 of the Penal Law (Incitement to Disobedience), which is subject to increased punishment when committed during a period of hostilities against the State of Israel."

Gaza rioters attempt to blind IDF snipers with mirrors
Gaza rioters attempt to blind IDF snipers with mirrors Flash 90