David Amsalem
David Amsalem Miriam Alster, Flash 90

Coalition Chairman David Amsalem (Likud) on Thursday morning said Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will not tolerate a renewal of the coalition crisis surrounding the draft law.

Speaking to Army Radio, Amsalem said, "We will not allow there to be a crisis every month. We will not allow for an ongoing crisis."

When asked if another crisis would lead to elections, Amsalem responded, "Yes, in my understanding there would even be benefit in calling new elections."

Earlier this month, the coalition avoided new elections by reaching an agreement on the haredi "draft law." Last month, haredi lawmakers leveled an ultimatum, threatening to block the 2019 budget bill unless the government passes legislation protecting draft deferments for full-time yeshiva students.

Amsalem also discussed the rumors that he would run for Jerusalem mayor during the city's municipal elections, scheduled for November 2018.

"It's an option," he said. "The issue here is personal, not related to the Likud. It's an important role, on a national level."

Amsalem also discussed Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein's (Likud) threat that if Netanyahu or President Rivlin were invited to address the torch-lighting ceremony that the Knesset Speaker alone has traditionally led for years, he will boycott it.

"The Prime Minister wants to speak to the nation, because all the media will be standing there, and he wants to give a leader's speech," Amsalem said. "The relationship between Netanyahu and Edelstein is fine. When the Prime Minister speaks at a government ceremony, it is an honor."