Prison Moshe Shai/Flash90

New recordings from Israel's Channel 20 exposes the truth about how Palestinian Authority (PA) Arab terrorists are treated in Israeli prisons.

In the recordings, D. can be heard saying, "You see gourmet meals, you see the chickens, the beans, you see the crazy amounts of food that they receive. Whether it's truckloads of meat, or television with a thousand satellite channels."

R., a former prison officer, said, "The food that they receive in jail is just an addition to what they already have: They have a storeroom they run, and they have a canteen in the canteen. They have tons of good stuff. It's like a huge supermarket, they have meat, they have candy, they have cola, they have everything."

"There's no supervision of anything that happens, and when the smallest thing happens they say, 'Okay, call the intelligence officer, call prison commander.'"

"Many of the Prison Services' activities are perfectly coordinated with the prisoners," D. explained. "From the simplest activities of how to run the jail, and what punishments are, everything is coordinated with them. There's no atmosphere of authority. I remember myself that the electricity would always go out, and one time I told them, 'Listen, that's it. I'm not dealing with your electricity anymore, because this is already too much, the electricity goes out because of the modifications they made. And I remember my commander interrupted and tried harshly to force me to raise the switch for them."

The Prison Services responded that these descriptions "are completely baseless."

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