Paratroop training
Paratroop training IDF Spokesman
After months of training, Paratroopers Brigade fighters completed War Week, the pinnacle of the fighter's training process.

War Week tests soldiers' ability to cope with various extreme situations, which include many hours of live-fire combat in built-up and open areas, and bush warfare.

Paratroop supply drop
Paratroop supply drop Flash 90
Paratroopers in War Week
Paratroopers in War Week צילום: IDF Sopkesman

War Week comes at the end of paratrooper training, after many weeks during which fighters were challenged with complex and difficult physical and mental exercises.

The goal is to ensure that the various tasks with which brigade fighters will deal in the next campaign are performed in the best possible manner. This requires parachutist training to be innovative, varied, and relevant to the challenges of the new war.

Paratroop Recon Brigade training
Paratroop Recon Brigade training צילום: IDF Spokesman

To achieve the effect of reality combat training, War Week concluded with a jump into an active Judea Brigade-area infantry operation in which brigade fighters raided a number of terrorist targets to locate weapons and prevent future terror attacks.

The August 2017 rotation Brigade Commander Maj. Raviv Shemer said "the Paratroopers Brigade is designed to fight in the extreme aspects of the next campaign. This week includes trekking long distances, many hours of live-fire combat, drawing conclusions in realtime, and various styles of fighting.

Navigation training
Navigation training Flash 90

"The soldiers stood up to the tests impressively and with exceptional endurance, and I am sure they are ready for the next battle," the officer stated.

Major Guy Basson, commander of the Judea Division, said that "hosting and mentoring fighters in advanced training stages in operational sector activities is a solemn duty and an awesome privilege, with the understanding that they will soon be the operational force to protect the area's communities in various aspects of deployment..

Paratroopers exercise
Paratroopers exercise צילום: Flash 90

"Additionally, training the fighters in the midst of operational activity enables them to train as they will be required to fight, in respect to various reference points. This type of live operational initiation guarantees us, the commanders in the field, that we will receive professional and skilled manpower when they finish their training to begin to carry out their operational work in the various sectors," said Major Basson.

Urban warfare training
Urban warfare training Flash 90

At the end of War Week, soldiers who enlisted last August will receive the prestigious Red Beret after a long and arduous trek that will reach Ammunition Hill, where past soldiers of the Paratroopers Brigade fought during the Six-Day War.

Golan Heights Paratroop exercise
Golan Heights Paratroop exercise Flash 90
Paratrooper training (photo: IDF Spokesman)