Martin Oliner, co-president of the Religious Zionists of America, spoke on Tuesday at the Arutz Sheva conference on US-Israel relations.

The conference was organized by Dr. Joe Frager in cooperation with "Young Israel."

"In the last ten days, I've had the privilege of visiting in Qatar, I've had the privilege of visiting in Abu Dhabi, we've been in Dubai, and I have to tell you that the world is upside down today," Oliner began.

"Whether Iran is driving the force or not, at the end of the day what one can say for sure is that there's no easy solution to where we are with Iran. The Education Minister, [Naftali] Bennett (Jewish Home), spoke about all the different things that we can do. But the truth is that we can't cut off the head, we don't have a solution for that now... The only thing we can really do today is to fight terrorism. We can fight the symptom, if you will."

Oliner compared terrorism to Zika, saying "You know Zika was a major threat, and at the end of the day, we've never really resolved Zika, but Zika sort of went away. But what were you supposed to do while Zika was there? You had to spray yourself and you had to take care."

"Terrorism today has no place, the universal theme that's required today of all of us is to end terrorism. And there's no room to have different views on that.

"Right now...the largest problem we have in the Gulf states is the relationship between Qatar and where Qatar fits in...are they really supporting Hamas? To what extent are they supporting Hamas? And I think there's no doubt today that they are, and that has to stop."

Oliner also noted that there have been "mixed signals from the White House, but in our experience, what we've come to learn is that the world truly is upside down today. It's those people who we thought could never be our allies, those people who we thought could never be friends of Israel, who have that possibility."

"The fact of the matter is that there has to be zero, zero tolerance of any form, any form of terrorism."

Oliner also spoke about fallen IDF soldier Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, whose body was kidnapped by Hamas in never returned, calling the return of Goldin's body an "acid test" for Qatar, who "are in charge of Hamas."

"Goldin was ambushed when amnesty or peace was declared in Gaza. And when that was declared, tunnels were dug, and as a result, Hamas was able to capture him and kill him," he said.

"Since 2014, that body has not been returned. It was during a moment in time when the United Nations declared a peace treaty, suggested that there was no more war, that everybody was laying their arms down.

"Today, as a humanitarian effort, we have to make certain that the Qataris, who are in charge of Hamas - and I tell you this as someone who visited, again, within the last few months in Qatar, who met the Emir, who focused his attention on how good they've become, how they have freed themselves from terrorism...there's still a test, an acid test, that needs to be met.

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