In a meeting between Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely and Founder of the “Lev HaOlam”Organization Nati Rom, Hotovely expressed her strong appreciation for the actions of the organization, saying that the group fights against the boycott in “the most effective manner possible.”

Hotovely explained, “The ‘Lev HaOlam’ Organization fights the boycott in the most effective manner possible- increasing the purchase of products from Judea and Samaria. This is the best way to beat the boycott. There are excellent products being made here and they are now being shipped to 43 different countries around the world.”

The “Lev HaOlam” Organization works to fight against the boycott and BDS Movement by increasing the purchase of products from Judea and Samaria, organizing rallies in support of Israel around the world, giving informative lectures, and more. Every month the organization send thousands of packages with products from Judea and Samaria to Israel supporters abroad, helping local producers.

Volunteers from Denmark and Norway
Volunteers from Denmark and Norwayצילום: Lev Haolam

Hotovely thanked the members of the organization and also the volunteers from Denmark and Norway who came to meet her and help in putting together the packages to be sent abroad. During her visit she added, “This is my small contribution- preparing a package to be sent abroad along with a personal message from the heart of the land of Israel and from the warm Jewish hearts here in Judea and Samaria. Tu b’Shvat Sameach!”

The packages to be sent overseas will contain a letter from the Deputy Minister with her blessings and thanks to the supporters for their taking part in helping the Jewish pioneers in Judea and Samaria.

Attorney Nati Rom said, “We were happy to host the Deputy Foreign Minister who prepared packages with us to send throughout the world. We thank her for her support of the organization and for the letter she wrote to our supporters. There is no doubt that they will be happy to receive her support and encouragement in their next package and that they will continue to serve as ambassadors for Israel the world over.”

Hotovely with Nati Rom
Hotovely with Nati RomLev Haolam