Women boarding bus.
Women boarding bus. Flash 90

A labor court on Sunday evening accepted a petition from Egged's management and ordered the cancellation of a nationwide bus strike due to commence Monday.

Israel's Histadrut labor union had previously ordered a nationwide bus strike for Monday, in response to violence against an Egged bus driver. Such incidents have become more common as of late.

The court allowed only one bus line to strike: Line 59 in Jerusalem, which will strike for approximately an hour.

In an incident earlier this week, an off-duty policeman in civilian clothes hit an Egged driver and arrested him for no reason.

Egged spokesman Ron Ratner said, "The court put things in proper proportions, while limiting the strike to a minimum and preventing enormous and unjust harm to hundreds of thousands of commuters and public transportation users around Israel."

"However, we must fight violence against our drivers with everything at our disposal. We will work with the workers' committee and other public service providers to accomplish this."