Netanyahu with Ambassador and security guard
Netanyahu with Ambassador and security guard Haim Tzach, GPO

A government spokesman in Jordan said today that Israel had apologized for the shooting incident at the Israeli embassy in Amman last July between an Israeli security guard and a Jordanian laborer who attacked him. In the incident, the attacker and second Jordanian man were killed.

According to reports in Amman, Israel has expressed its willingness to compensate the families of the two dead Jordanians, and to take legal action against the security guard.

Two weeks ago, a source in the Jordanian administration referred to the diplomatic tension between the two countries and declared that his country would not allow an Israeli ambassador to return to Amman until two conditions are met: The security guard who shot the two Jordanians will be put on trial, and Israel's ambassador to Jordan, Einat Schlein, will be replaced.

In November, an Israeli diplomat said that Jerusalem was willing to replace Schlein in an effort to placate Jordan.

This stance was presented despite various reports in recent months that Jordan's King Abdullah, who has demonstrated a very tough line regarding the security officer, will remove his insistence on prosecuting the guard.

The incident at the Israeli Embassy in Amman took place on July 23, 2017, in an Israeli security guard apartment in the Israeli Embassy compound. A 17-year-old local man stabbed the security guard, who was lightly wounded and responded with gunfire that resulted in the death of the stabber and the owner of the apartment.