Accident with camel
Accident with camel Regavim

A teenager was killed and four people were injured today in a collision on Route 40 near Nafha Prison. The accident occured when a vehicle hit a stray camel that had wandered onto the road, causing the vehicle to flip over.from the impact. Some of the injured passengers are still trapped in their vehicle.

The Magen David Adom team treated a 13-year-old boy whose condition was initially defined as critical but eventually they were forced to declare his death.

Two critical and two moderately injured people are being treated. Two helicopters were called in to help evacuate the injured.

Police traffic examiners who arrived at the scene are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

Road 40 was blocked to traffic in the Nafha Prison area in both directions. Police are asking drivers traveling in the area to take alternative routes. Fire and Rescue teams are at work at the scene.

In 2016, the Regavim Land of Israel rights movement together with MK Betzalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) submitted a draft of legislation known as the "Camel Law" intended to hold camel owners responsible for their animals by requiring subcutaneous identification microchips.

"Despite the fact that every year over 1,000 complaints of wandering camels are received by the authorities, the wheels of legislative process haven't turned as quickly as necessary to fight this danger," says Regavim. "Once again, the carnage has returned to the roads of the Negev."

"We urge you to write to the Chairman of the Knesset Economics Committee, who is responsible for the Camel Law's progress: MK Eitan Cabel: We must put an end to the bloodshed on the roads of the Negev.

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