Silwan, Jerusalem
Silwan, JerusalemFlash 90

An indictment was filed Sunday at the Jerusalem District Court against Ahmad Farouk, 19, from Silwan, for aggravated assault on racial grounds.

According to the indictment, about two weeks ago, two haredi Jews walked down the Hilweh road in Silwan on their way to take a dip in the ancient Shiloah spring in eastern Jerusalem.

At that time, Farouk and his friend were sitting on the road smoking a hookah. When they noticed the Jews, his friend stood up and approached them, hitting one of the Jews in the head. The startled Jews fled, hid for a while behind a parked vehicle nearby, and then continued on their way to the spring.

About half an hour later when they had finished immersing in the spring, the two Jews made their way up the road leading to the Western Wall via Hilweh. At that time, Farouk and his friend were sitting up the street in front of the building known as Beit Zechariah, smoking a hookah as before.

When they saw the Jews again, they got up and approached them, one blocking their passage and the other, their retreat.

The indictment reveals that the two Arab hooligans threatened the Jews, forcing them to praise Hamas, to insult the Prime Minister, police and the State of Israel, kiss the hands of their attackers, and repeat after them words in Arabic declaring faith in Islam.