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A Ryanair passenger landing at Spain's Malaga Airport disembarked via the plane's emergency exit and is now facing a huge fine.

Ryanair's flight FR8164 from London's Stansted Airport landed an hour later than scheduled, and was delayed an additional half hour before allowing passengers to disembark.

Victor, 57, is a Polish national living in Malaga. Holding his hand luggage, he sat on the plane's wing while it waited on the tarmac, claiming he had suffered an asthma attack and needed air.

According to one passenger, Victor said, "I'm going out via the wing," before activating the emergency door.

The aircraft's staff forced him back into the plane, fearing he would jump off the wing.

Civil Guard officers arriving to escort him away from the area did not arrest him, choosing instead to record his details and report him for a security infraction. He is expected to receive a fine.

"We responded to a call from Ryanair staff on flight FR8164 from London saying a man had opened an emergency door and walked out onto the wing," a police source said. "The pilot filed a formal complaint as is standard procedure and handed officers a copy of it."

A Ryanair spokesman said police "immediately arrested the passenger in question since this was a breach of Spanish safety and security regulations," emphasizing that "it is being dealt with by the Spanish authorities."