Uri Ariel
Uri Ariel Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The legal advisor of the National Service Director, Advocate Yoav Arbel, announced that he had no intention of ending his cooperation with the Amnesty International organization and that any allegation of a criminal offense must be directed to the Israel Police.

The B'tzalmo (In His Image) organization has called on the legal advisor to investigate allegations that Amnesty supports and encourage refusal to serve in the IDF.

Arbel responded that he had contacted Amnesty about the allegations against them and that they had replied that the accusations had no substance. He added that he does not have the tools and authority to find out whether the organization indeed violated the law.

Arbel also stated that B'tzalmo quoted him, using general statements which he never made. He suggested that the organization be more careful in examining the statements it makes to the public. "There is no connection between what is written and reality."

B'tzalmo responded: "It is our position that Minister Uri Ariel's legal advisor closes his eyes and enables nationalistic service [in causes which promote] the exact opposite of national positions and in complete violation of the law."

"Instead of the legal advisor and Minister Uri Ariel going to the police to investigate the criminal offenses being committed by Amnesty, they roll their eyes as if they do not know about the criminal offenses being committed by the organization and the turning of civilian service into national service."