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Legal Advisor to the Be'er Sheva Municipality Attorney General Haim Turkel decided to summon representatives of the Negev Coexistence Forum for a hearing, following a report on Arutz Sheva.

In a letter sent by the Legal Advisor, Turkel stated that the association violated conditions of the building it received from the municipality for communal activities and used it for political purposes.

According to the city's Legal Advisor, the organization ignored the request of Mayor Rubik Danilovich, given two weeks ago calling to cancel the event, which dealt with the issue of "the Israeli arms empire - a conversation with armed men." This was in addition to holding additional events that constituted a fundamental breach of the agreement with the municipality.

Among the events that took place at the shelter was an event in support of draft-dodging, an event excoriating IDF soldiers, and an event commemorating so-called Nakba Day. According to the Legal Advisor, the mayor views freedom of expression as a supreme value, but not when political events take place in communal venues designated for community activity.

Representatives of the association were summoned to a hearing before deciding to revoke permission to use the building and cancel the agreement.

In an interview to Arutz Sheva, the chairman of the Jewish Home party in Be'er Sheva, Municipal Council member Gadi Mazuz welcomed the Legal Advisor's decision. "This forum broke all the rules and we succeeded in proving that they are holding events aimed against the IDF and the State of Israel.They have to leave now."

Shai Glick, Executive Director of the B'Tzalmo organization that accompanied the process, praised the municipality's decision and said, "The municipality has determined unequivocally that there's no room for incitement and support for the boycott of Israel on public premises.The boycotters and inciters are free to finance themselves.I am sure that the municipal property will now return to its owners - neighborhood residents - and will serve as a center for workshops and community life for neighborhood residents who need it."