Simcha and Leah Goldin
Simcha and Leah Goldin Yoni Kempinski

The legal advisors to the Goldin family, Prof. Aviad Hacohen and Oded Savorai, together with the legal teams of the Shaarei Mishpat College, submitted a request to the Supreme Court for a hearing on the family's petition.

The request was filed in consequence of the State's response to a petition filed last week, which the Goldin family's request said included "new facts known to the Petitioners for the first time, written very vaguely, which justify a hearing and an interim order."

According to the family, the State admits in its response that it is not implementing the decisions of the political-security cabinet to apply pressures on Hamas officials for the return of KIAs.

The family's request stated that "there is a fundamental difference between the cabinet decision and actual policy. Current policy applies to senior Hamas members and their families. The difference is clear, and this goes beyond the vague wording, completely lacking clarity as to the definition of a senior Hamas official."

"Unfortunately, it is hard to shake the impression that the State sought in its response to disguise this fundamental gap between the cabinet decision and policy," the petition states.

The Goldin family demands that Prime Minister Netanyahu and the ministers of the political-security cabinet implement the decisions reached after several months of staff work.

Among other things, the family demands effective pressure on Hamas by stopping family visits to Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails and downgrading the prisoners' conditions, a complete cessation of the return of the bodies of Hamas terrorists or members of the organization, and denying humanitarian visits by Hamas members from Gaza to Israel.