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Two former SS guards were charged with helping to murder hundreds of people in a Nazi death camp Wednesday.

The state prosecutor's office in Dortmund, Germany, said that the defendants, aged 92 and 93, participated in the mass murder of prisoners at the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland during World War Two.

"With their actions during their time as guards at the Stutthof concentration camp, the accused are believed to have been accessories in numerous killings," the prosecutor's office said.

Approximately 650,000 people were murdered in the Stutthof concentration camp between 1939-1945. 28,000 Jews were murdered in Stutthof.

The unnamed suspects are accused of involvement in the mass killing of more than 100 Polish prisoners in a gas chamber at the camp in June 1944, as well as the murders of 77 Soviet prisoners that same summer.

They are also accused of participating in the mass murder of hundreds Jews who were brought to the camp between August and December of 1944.

The Muenster court said the two suspects deny all involvement in the crimes against humanity which were committed at Stutthof.