Murder attempt
Murder attempt Flash 90

Arab terrorists threw stones at vehicles passing near Umm Salmona in Gush Etzion, 0404 News reports.

Moked 443 reported that damage was sustained but there were no casualties.

A general increase in the number of rock attacks in Israel has been reported with the number reaching at least 25 such murder attempts per day. Rocks hurled at a moving vehicles are murderous weapons, especially on highways, as the deaths of little Adele Bitton, teenager Amitai Kapach and Asher Palmer and his one-year-old son Yonatan prove. All these, and others, were killed because their vehicles went out of control due to a murderous barrage of rocks or a large rock hurled at them while driving.

In an attack reported last week, Arabs threw stones at a bus near the town of Tekoa. There were no casualties but the vehicle was damaged.

Besides this, three other attempted murders took place within the space of an hour in Judea and Samaria, including two stone-throwing attacks near the Tapuach junction and another stone-throwing attack in Gush Etzion, near El Aroub.

All attempts miraculously left no Jewish casualties, but damage was caused to a number of vehicles.