Asher and Yonatan Palmer, HY"D
Asher and Yonatan Palmer, HY"D The family

Every year, around the memorial day for Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli Left reminds everyone who wants to hear, and especially everyone who doesn’t, that there are more assassins on the right side of the political map than on the left side.

Peace Now’s latest ad features Yigal Amir and Yona Avrushmi, who assassinated other Jews on political grounds, and several other Jews who attacked Arabs over the years.

The Left’s claim is that the violence always comes from the Right, while its people don’t use violence - certainly not that which is extreme and murderous.

The simple response to this claim is: Correct! Why should the Left use violence?

After all, the war here is between Muslim Arabs and Jews. All that the Left has to do in order for Jews to be harmed is to weaken Jewish defenses. To give away land, to give away weapons, to give away information. To slander. All the Left needs to do is to prevent Israel from being strong. To prevent with a thousand and one different methods Jewish pride, a feeling of nationalism, a feeling of rightful ownership over our land.

And simultaneously, to strengthen Arab ultranationalism and murderousness. To conceal the evil deeds of the enemy. To call Arab rioters “youth.” To prevent reports of daily murder attempts on roads. To provoke uprisings in the Negev and Galilee. To send delegations of slanderers abroad. To leak to the US president information that will prevent Israel from attacking Iran.

The Left doesn’t need to murder a single Jew. It’s enough that it creates a terror state in the heart of Israel and calls this “peace.” It’s enough that it ensures murderous terrorists are freed in deals through insane campaigns with slogans like “Peace has a price” and “Bring the child of all of us home.” It’s enough that it petitions the Supreme Court on behalf of terrorists and makes sure they get the best possible conditions in prison.

When a leftist news editor makes sure to give Ahmad Tibi a platform on Channel 2’s Friday Newscast in the first days of war with Gaza, she directly hurts the ability of the nation to effectively fight the enemy. And, in this way, she murders ten or twenty IDF soldiers and several more civilians who will be hurt by missiles - without buying a weapon, without getting her hands dirty, without sitting in jail.

When leftist women’s organizations cause a decline in the motivation of young men to enlist in combat units with their ongoing trick about “Women in combat,” they murder more Jews, because they weaken the army that seeks to protect them.

When women from Machsom (Checkpoint) Watch crudely harass Border Police minutes before an attack, they murder them. They don’t have to pull the trigger to do this.

When a Jewish baby is murdered by an Arab throwing a rock at a car in an attack that could have been prevented if radical leftists in the legal system, media, and politics had not tied the hands of the IDF, his blood is on the hands of the leftists. Do they need to go and throw rocks for this? Why get dirty?

The lawbreakers of the Right will never match the amount of blood that the Left has on its hands. So do us a favor and spare us your hypocrisy - and go wash your hands.