Truck used in Manhattan ramming attack
Truck used in Manhattan ramming attack Reuters

The terrorist who committed the deadly ramming attack in lower Manhattan on Tuesday showed no remorse and even bragged about his murderous deed Wednesday, NBC News reported.

Investigators who came to interview the terrorist reported that he was rejoicing at having murdered many innocent people.

A note written in Arabic praising the ISIS terrorist organization was found inside the truck used by Saipov to commit the ramming attack, an NYPD official told NBC News.

The note read: "ISIS lives forever."

At least one knife was also found inside the Home Depot rental truck.

Eight people were murdered and nearly a dozen wounded when Saipov rammed the truck into a group of cyclists Tuesday afternoon. One of the victims was identified as Ariel Erlij, a Jewish businessman from Argentina. Erlij was one of five Argentinian citizens murdered in the attack.

A police officer shot Saipov in the stomach, ending his rampage. The terrorist was taken into custody and brought to the hospital for treatment.

New York Governor Adrew Cuomo told CNN that the attacker was linked to ISIS. “After he came to the United States is when he started to become informed about ISIS and radical Islamic tactics. Again, ISIS has gotten it down to a simple formula that they can put on the internet and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to rent a car, rent a truck. But they are cowards and they are depraved.”

Saipov, who had been living in Tampa, Florida, is said to be originally from Uzbekistan, having arrived in the U.S. in 2010.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent his condolences for the deadly attack.

“To President [Donald] Trump, Governor [Andrew] Cuomo and Mayor [Bill] de Blasio: We stand with our friends in New York and all Americans following yet another horrible Islamist terror attack,” Netanyahu said. “We pray for the victims and their families. Together we will defeat this scourge.”