Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the centenary service marking the liberation of Beer Sheva by Australian and New Zealand (Anzac) soldiers.

“Nearly 4,000 years ago, Abraham came to Beer Sheva, the city of 7 wells. Exactly 100 years ago, brave Anzac soldiers liberated Beer Sheva for the sons and daughters of Abraham, and reopened the gateway for the Jewish people to reenter the stage of history.

“The heroism of your men will never be forgotten. The brave soldiers buried here played a crucial role in defeating the Ottoman Empire, liberating the Holy Land, ending 400 years of Ottoman rule in one great dash.”

Noting that the IDF drew inspiration from the courage of Anzac fighters in Beer Sheva, Netanyahu went on to assert, “We seek peace with all our neighbors, but we will not tolerate any attacks on our sovereignty, on our people, on our land, whether from air, sea, ground - or below the ground,” in an apparent reference to Israel’s attack yesterday on terror tunnels found in Israel near Gaza.

“We attack those that seek to attack us, and those that contemplate that, I advise you - do not test the will of the State of Israel or the army of Israel.”