Orlando police officers and firefighters on Thursday rescued a toddler who locked himself in his family's car.

2-year-old Apollo Rubin became trapped inside the vehicle when he activated the auto lock with the keys inside. A moment before, his mother had closed the vehicle's door to allow a car to pull into the parking space next to theirs.

The air conditioner had been running until the moment Rubin locked himself in. Though his parents had initially wanted to avoid breaking the car's window, they decided to do so when their son stopped jumping around and began to cry.

Rubin's father, Ken, said the toddler's body temperature was only 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) when he was rescued.

"Orlando Police Department and Fire Department both showed up right away on the spot and helped us out," Rubin told Click Orlando. "We're very grateful they were there to help us, and they're our heroes for the day."

A paramedic examining Apollo said the child had sustained no injuries.