Image from haredi anti-draft protest
Image from haredi anti-draft protest Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Demonstrators from the “Yerushalmi Faction” blocked this morning, Thursday, the road near the Shilat Junction next to the city of Modiin, within the context of protests against the draft of yeshiva students and the arrest of draft-dodgers.

The demonstrators, who announced today as a “day of rage,” shouted, “We'll die before we enlist,” and “To jail, not to the army.”

Last night, 6 who tried to prevent a prison vehicle from transferring draft-dodgers to military police were arrested in Jerusalem, while 3 protesters in Maale Adumim who refused a police request to clear the road were arrested.

On Tuesday, 40 demonstrators from the Yerushalmi Faction were arrested in Bnei Brak after some of them attacked police and rioted in the street.

Simultaneously, a demonstration took place in Jerusalem, where some 100 protesters blocked the Sarei Yisrael-Yafo Street junction. 17 were arrested.