Merav Michaeli
Merav MichaeliMiriam Alster / Flash 90

MK Merav Michaeli (Zionist Union) has claimed that children be raised not by their biological parents, but by strangers chosen by the government.

Speaking on Australian television in September, Michaeli argued that "the core family as we know it is one of the least safe place for children - not just in Australia but in the entire western world." Michaeli went on to cite different studies she contended proved that the core family was detrimental to children's health and added that "marriage and parental rights hurts children".

Michaeli also said that children should not be automatically raised by their parents, but by the government. "A child can have more than two parents, they don't have to be their biological parents. The person who takes responsibility for the child should be obligated to fulfill certain kinds of criteria that the State should decide on," Michaeli argued, saying that the government should decide what values children need to be taught.

Michaeli is renowned for her progressive views on family issues. On Monday, Michaeli tweeted support for an article published in Yediot Aharonot that called for the government to take control over children's education from their parents.

"Children are our future, and the future of our society and country," Michaeli tweeted. "They are not a private issue."

"Enough with the neglect! It's time the government invest in our children accordingly. I have already proposed several laws regarding equal parental leave of one year after a baby is born. I have already pushed for a longer school day. The proposal to protect children and their parents is on its way. This is our most important investment."

The law Michaeli referred to is an amendment to the Mandatory Education Law submitted in 2015. The amendment, if passed, would mandate free education for all children over the age of three months.

Michaeli is also a fierce opponent of the institution of marriage and has advocated for its abolishment. In 2012, she gave a TED talk on the issue, where she told the audience that marriage was responsible for the abuse of women. "We must cancel marriage," said Michaeli. "Not only religious marriage, marriage is not an issue of religion. Also civil marriage. I want all secular states to totally eliminate all registration and regulation of marriage. I want to cancel the very concept of marriage."