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Miriam Bonimovich sought to remove her belongings from the bus' boot on Egged's line 143 in the Binyamin region, but found herself trapped in the trunk with only her legs sticking out.

Bonimovich's story, which was reported today (Tuesday) on Channel 10, took place last Saturday night.

According to her, the bus driver did not notice that she was still taking her belongings out of the trunk and closed the door on her.

As a result, Miriam was trapped inside the trunk with her legs outside, and the driver continued driving with her legs exposed to the open road.

"I was afraid [I was going to] die - at any moment my legs could get stuck on something along the way - and I prayed with all my might," Bunimovich said. "On the one hand I'm trying to get back to life, but mentally I have not recovered yet, because when asked about the details I go into anxiety," she added.

She said that the journey lasted ten minutes: "At first I didn't feel anything, but with time the door squeezed my legs and the pain was unbearable.

The driver discovered the serious error only when car passengers traveling on the way from Adam to Tel Zion noticed her legs sticking out of the trunk.They chased the bus to Sha'ar Binyamin, and only then the driver stopped.

Bonimovich noted that until the moment of the interview, no one from Egged Transport contacted her in order to apologize for the serious incident.

Egged Transport's response: "The automated system that is supposed to sound an alert and slowly close the doors in case there is a person or object inside worked properly, so this is not a technical failure but a lack of communication between the passenger and the driver. Egged also praises the passenger for her resourcefulness and intends to contact her.The whole matter is under police investigation, who is relating to the incident like a motor vehicle accident."