Drawing of the water ceremony
Drawing of the water ceremonyMichael Miller

Temple Mount activists simulated the traditional water-drawing ritual that took place in Temple times on the Sukkot holiday this past Sunday. The annual ritual symbolized the importance of water at the start of the rainy season. Sunday's simulation included a special celebratory walk from the Tower of David Visitor's Center to the Shiloah spring, where priests (kohanim) who participated dipped in the spring's waters with the priestly blessing.

The worshipers then paraded with ceremonial singing and dancing to the Hurva Synagogue, led by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, director of the Temple Institute.

They performed the libation ritual in the square of the Hurva on a wooden altar, with replicas of the "Inner Table" and lights from the Temple.

"We're doing it because we aspire to be able to do the water drawing for real next year, according to halakha. Instead of at the southern wall, we hope to perform it on the Temple Mount itself," said Temple Mount activist Michael Miller.