Haredi soldier completes basic training
Haredi soldier completes basic training Flash 90

The Defense Ministry published the full data on haredi mobilization in 2016, indicating a real increase in the number of haredim who are enlisting, but the number remains far from targets set by the government.

Channel 2 reported that about 7,000 haredi men currently serve in the army.In 2016 2,850 haredim enlisted in the IDF, a 400-soldier increase from the previous year.

However, the yearly target set by the government for haredi enlistment is about 3,200.

Most haredi soldiers enlist for designated programs such as the Nahal Haredi and other combat units where the conditions suit the special needs of the haredi public.

Other recruits preferred programs such as the haredi air force technicians training program Shahar Kachol, and some haredi soldiers chose to join the IDF without belonging to a haredi-oriented unit.