On October 9, Jewish music superstar Avraham Fried will make history by performing with his nephews Benny and Simcha Friedman, Eli Marcus, along with Bentzy and Shmuel Marcus from the '8th Day.' The concert will be at Jerusalem's International Convention Center, and will benefit United Hatzalah.

Fried is one of the most well-known Jewish performers, but many had been awaiting for him to sing together with his nephews, both of whom are successful music stars themselves.

"We're going to bring the house down," Fried told Arutz Sheva."Over the past few years, so many people have called asking 'let's do a concert with all your relatives, it would be an item'. I kept on saying not yet, I want to save it for something special, let's save it. Then Eli Beer from United Hatzalah called asking 'lets do it with all your nephews', and I couldn't say no to him."

"God willing, this Sukkot it will be me singing with all my talented nephews. I have to remember as an uncle not to steal the show. I want to have fun with them, and to show the crowd that I am proud of them" Fried said.

Avraham Fried will be releasing a new album for his Israeli audience later this year, and will sing only in Hebrew. "This is a huge challenge," he said. "For an American singer, to release an entire album only in Hebrew, it's not something you see every day."

Fried says he decided to make a Hebrew-only album realizing that there was demand for it. "I realized that the Israeli audience would like more Hebrew" he related. "I figured, why keep doing covers of other songs when I can do original stuff?"

He added that "it took a while to find material, but so far the reaction is fantastic."

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