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The Supreme Court on Tuesday discussed a petition by the self-styled “Messiah to the world.”

Dov Sobol had petitioned the Supreme Court claiming to have received messages from G-d. Sobol demanded that the court "hold a hearing on the messages from the Creator of the Universe."

Supreme Court Justices Noam Solberg, Uri Shoham and David Mintz responded: “The petitioner, who signed his petition, ‘A prophet like Moses, Messiah to the world,’ relates that he is acting in the name of the Creator of the world and bears messages from Him, and that it is vital to hold an inquiry into them [the messages] before this court in order that [the court] shares with him the weighty responsibility for the fate of the world that rests on his shoulders.”

The justices declined to hold the requested hearing on the messages, stating: “The petition shows no cause for judicial intervention.”

Sobol had previously petitioned the Supreme Court to force Prime Minister Netanyahu to read his book in 2015.