The located stolen car
The located stolen car Israel Police

Police have arrested an Arab from eastern Jerusalem who attacked a woman in a parking lot, then made off with her car.

The incident took place at the end of last week after the woman complained to police that a young man approached her when she was in a public parking lot in the center of the city, shoved her aside and stole her vehicle.

Policemen who were nearby and received the report arrived shortly afterwards and met the woman, whose hand had been bruised, making sure she received medical attention from MDA.

A preliminary interrogation revealed that the woman got into her car and started it when, a moment before she began to drive, a young man approached her and knocked on the window, asking her to get out of the car to see something that, he claimed, was not working properly. When she exited, he pushed her, entered the already-started vehicle and fled the scene.

Investigators and detectives at the Moriah station launched a covert investigation using advanced technological means in cooperation with an outside company, leading to the stolen vehicle being located in Judea and Samaria within a few hours.

The suspect was arrested Monday night and will today be brought before a judge for a request to extend his remand.