Aftermath of Barcelona attack
Aftermath of Barcelona attackReuters

Israeli eyewitnesses on Thursday evening recalled the shocking moments of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, in which 13 people were murdered.

"The incident took place several meters from the hotel where we are staying," Eldad Sorek, who is on vacation in the city, told the Israel Hayom newspaper.

"Just two minutes earlier, we were at the scene of the attack making our way to the hotel, and now everyone is in shock, the La Rambla street is empty. There is heavy security in the area. The hotel in which we are staying is secure, but the Spanish are not well-trained in dealing with terror attacks so there is a lot of pressure and concern among the Spanish security forces,” he added.

Shahaf Galanty, who was touring the area, recalled, “We went shopping in the main square, when suddenly everyone started screaming. I saw the truck (that ran into people –ed.) and many people were falling around us. My friends were running and I entered the first store that I saw. I was alone and lost them. Then I went outside to look for them and then it happened again – everyone started screaming and I was alone again. I went into another store. Then I went outside again to look for my friends and then the same thing happened a third time. I couldn’t really see what was going on and then I went into a different store where I found my friends. We hid in the store and we were told not to speak Hebrew and sit in the corner. Finally we were evacuated and returned to the hotel.”

“This was the most frightening experience I have ever had. G-d protected us, however, and we are all right,” she added.

The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack in Barcelona through the Amaq news agency, with which it is affiliated.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has been working to locate any Israelis who were in Barcelona. As of Thursday evening at 11:00 p.m. (Israel time), the ministry said that that no Israelis have been identified among those killed or injured in terrorist attack.

The ministry is still trying to locate Israelis who have not yet contacted their relatives, but emphasized that there is no certainty that they were in the area of the attack.