PM Netanyahu at support rally
PM Netanyahu at support rally Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke Wednesday at a Likud conference held in to support him as he deals with several investigations.

"Thank you all for supporting me and my beloved wife, Sara, who has been with with me every step of the way," Netanyahu told the attendees.

Netanyahu charged those attempting to bring him down with also attempting to bring down the Likud party and the right-wing government in Israel. "In the past few days, you have flooded us with more love and support than I can remember, and I have been here for a few years. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This morning, one of you wisely said to me: 'Bibi, they don't want to bring only you down. They want to take us all down, the Likud and the national camp.' He told me: 'They know they can't beat us at the ballot box, so they are trying to bypass democracy and change our government without a vote.'"

"I say to you, this is not for nothing, because they know that we win again and again in the elections. Because we brought the State of Israel to the best position in its history," Netanyahu added.

"You remember that the fake news media slammed us in the past, saying that if we do not withdraw from the territories of the Israeli heartland, Israel would be isolated and abandoned. Do you remember their screams? Isolation, isolation, isolation. [Do you remember] how an old man with a new beard, who was once prime minister for a short time, (former Prime Minister Ehud Barak), and not one of the good ones, said: 'A political tsunami is coming.' What tsunami? What isolation? What nonsense.

"The state of Israel is experiencing an unprecedented political advancement [in foreign relations]. Because of this the left and the media, which are the same thing, you should know, have embarked on an unprecedented obsessive [campaign] against me and my family in order to carry out a coup to bring down the government.

"Their goal is to put pressure on law enforcement officials to file an indictment at all costs, regardless of truth and justice," said the prime minister.

"It is hard for the left and the media who serve it to accept the situation, so they produce endless affairs, endless stories and endless headlines, hoping maybe something will stick. If this doesn't then it will be cigars. If not cigars then it's conversations with a publisher. They demand that the law enforcement agencies, give them something - it doesn't matter what," he said.

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Netanyahu spoke about the strength of the Likud and said that all the sectors of Israeli society are friendly with each other. "We have the people, the people of Israel - both Amona and Dimona (alluding to National Union head Avi Gabai who said he would take care of the residents of the Negev rather than those of Judea and Samaria; Netanyahu, however, has invested large sums in the Negev's Dimona, ed.)- we proudly carry the flag of Israel and we will continue to carry it for many years to come.

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