Swastika (illustrative)
Swastika (illustrative) Flash 90

A U.S.-based company has rolled out a line of T-shirts and sweatshirts that feature large Nazi-style swastikas in rainbow colors, in a supposed attempt to reclaim the symbol for the ideals of peace and love.

Three versions of the shirts by KA Design are being sold online through the company's website, according to CBS Los Angeles.

The shirts and sweatshirts range in price from $20 to $27 and feature the words, “peace,” “love,” and “zen” with the Swastika symbol above – either in rainbow colors or in white against a rainbow color background. The swastika is otherwise exactly like the Nazi version, in its thickness, in facing to the right and in standing on one tip.

"Here at KA we explore boundaries. We push them forward. Let’s make the Swastika a symbol of Love and Peace. Together, we can succeed,” KA Design said on its website.

A promotional video for the shirts posted on the firm's Facebook page in mid-July has garnered 1.8 million views.

In the clip, the company said:

This is the Swastika. It’s 5000 years old. It’s a symbol of peace, it’s a symbol of love, it’s a symbol of luck, it’s a symbol of infinity, it’s a symbol of life.

But one day, Nazism. They took the Swastika, rotated it by 45 degrees, and turned it into Hatred, and turned it into Fear, and turned it into War, and turned it into Racism and turned it into Power, they stigmatized the Swastika forever.

They won, they limited our freedom, or maybe not?

“The Swastika is coming back, together with Peace, together with Love, together with Respect, together with Freedom. Introducing the new Swastika.”

No word yet on how well the shirts are selling, although chances are it will be a hit with anti-Semites.

Comments on the video were mostly negative.

"You know what else use to be cool back in the day, slavery. Maybe we should throw a rainbow on some museums and remember the good ol days with a bunch of Uncle Tom's giving the tour", wrote Daniel Morales.

"Go to hell and burn with the Nazis", suggested Madison Weiss.

"Throw a rainbow on it. It is still the Symbol of destruction...mass murder and the people that tried to kill my Gdad, a US pilot. Maybe we can rainbow up the tattooed numbers on the encamped survivors. That will make it all better. Cause it's pretty, new," said Swiss Allen.

However, out of the 12,000 emoticon reactions, roughly 10,600 were positive – thumbs up, "love" and lols.