site of Yavneh stabbing attack
site of Yavneh stabbing attack Flash 90

Doctors at the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot are continuing efforts Wednesday evening to save the life of the 43 year old victim of the terrorist stabbing attack in Yavneh.

The surgeon, Dr. Doron Schindel, the head of the Head and Neck Surgery Unit at the hospital, provided an update on the victim's condition.

"The patient arrived at the emergency room with multiple stab wounds in the neck and upper body and also in the back. He was bleeding from many wounds when he arrived. Initial efforts were made to stabilize him in the emergency room ,and then he was taken to the operating room where they continued to work to stop the bleeding and to close the affected organs," Dr. Schindel said.

In video footage of the attack, the stabber can be seen innocuously walking into the Shufersal supermarket, then grabbing a knife which had been hiding under his shirt. He ran towards a supermarket worker who happened to be standing near him, and stabbed his victim multiple times in the chest, head and neck, despite the worker's attempts to defend himself.

IDF forces raided the home of the terrorist, who carried out the attack in Yavneh Wednesday morning, identifying him as Ismail Ibrahim Ismail Abu Aram, 19, from the village of Yatta in the Hevron region.