burnt bus
burnt bus Lev “Leviticus” Schieber

A man is under arrest on charges of setting fire to a bus decorated with Jewish symbols.

Jackson Joseph, 30, was arrested on Monday for setting fire to the “Mitzvah bus,” when it was parked on June 26 in Crown Heights. Joseph was identified by surveillance video.

Joseph has been charged with arson, ABC NY reported, but not with a hate crime, despite the fact that the bus was covered with Jewish symbols.

The bus is owned by a Brooklyn artist Lev “Leviticus” Schieber, who uses it as a studio and gallery for his paintings in the Crown Heights neighborhood, as well as at festivals and parades. It was seen in the popular music video “I’m a Jew and I’m Proud” by singer Benny Friedman.

Last summer, the tires on the bus were slashed.

Schieber said he plans to buy a new mini-bus, though he has not decided how he will paint it, according to the Vos Iz Neiz website.