Israeli embassy complex in Amman
Israeli embassy complex in Amman REUTERS

Relatives of the Israeli embassy security officer who was stabbed by a Jordanian terrorist in Amman last week are worried that the release by Jordanian media outlets of the man’s identity could lead to revenge attacks by Arab terrorists.

Last Sunday night, 28-year old Ziv Moyal was stabbed by a Jordanian man in his residence adjacent to the Israeli embassy in Amman.

Moyal, who served as the deputy security chief at the embassy, drew his firearm after being stabbed and opened fire, killing his assailant. A second Jordanian man was also killed in the crossfire.

Following the attack, Jordan initially refused to allow Moyal to return to Israel for medical treatment, demanding he be handed over to Amman police for questioning, despite his diplomatic immunity.

Even after his return to Israel following a deal between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah II, the Jordanian government insisted Moyal be investigated for the shooting.

Late last week, Israeli authorities launched the investigation at Jordan’s behest.

Moyal, whose identity had initially be barred from publication, was identified by the Jordanian-based newspaper Al-Rad.

Since the publication of his name, Moyal’s family has feared retribution from Arab terrorists looking to ‘avenge’ the death of the terrorist or the second Jordanian man killed by the stray gunfire.

Individuals close to the Moyal family told Arutz Sheva that they have no doubt the stabbing was a terrorist attack, and that Moyal acted properly by opening fire to defend himself.

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